Genetic consequences of 100 years of salmon release in the Baltic Sea

Last changed: 07 July 2021
Salmon going upwards in a stream. Photo.

Researchers at the Department of Aquatic Resources are studying the genetic effects of the large-scale salmon restockings in the Baltic Sea that started in the early 1900s. We hope to be able to predict the population dynamics of salmon and the genetic effects of restockings in the longer term.

Our issues are:

  • to study the genetic structures of salmon and if these have changed during the years
  • are the genetic changes effects of the restockings?
  • how much salmon occured in the rivers before hydroelectric dams were built?
  • has there been any genetic exchange between rivers?


Results from this study has been published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Read the open acess article A century of genetic homogenization in Baltic salmon—evidence from archival DNA


Johan Östergren, Researcher
Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Freshwater Research, SLU, +46 10 478 42 46, +46 703-46 14 29