The course Sustainability perspectives on contemporary fisheries. Where have all the fishes gone? 7,5 hp.

Last changed: 13 June 2019
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Are you interested in how it is possible to combine lakes, watercourses and seas full of life, with sustainable fisheries? Do you have general eligibility requirements for university? Then maybe a generally evening-based course about hot, current sustainability topics could suit you this coming autumn?

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At the course you will meet lecturers with different specialties regarding fisheries, not only marine biologists, limnologists and other natural scientists, but also experts within other fields.

Broad overview on sustainable fisheries

“Where have all the fishes gone” gives you basic understanding of the influence of fisheries on ecosystems, and of the function and significance of fisheries for human societies, in Sweden and globally. The course provides a broad overview of current and future challenges for sustainable fisheries. You will also learn how fish stocks are managed today, and how they could be managed in the future.

The study pace is 25% over one term, and with a predominant share of course time allocated during evenings.

Course period: Sep 2, 2019 – Jan 19, 2020.

You apply to the course at . Application is open.


Jonas Hentati Sundberg, Researcher
Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Marine Research, Data Collection and Biological Analysis Unit, SLU, +46 (0)10-478 40 70, +46 (0)73 93 87 969

Andreas Bryhn, Researcher/Director of Studies
Department of Aquatic Resources, SLU, +46 (0)79-478 41 52

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