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Sustainable fishery

We want future generations to be able to fish for sustainable stocks of seafood. We develop methods, models and tools for evaluating the effects of various management measures. We develop selective fishing gear that limits unintentional by-catches and minimizes the impact on the marine environment.

Fishing cod

Selective fishing

Together with the fishing industry, we develop selective fishing gear that will promote long-term sustainable fishing.

No-take zones

We evaluate the effects on fish stocks in a number of no-take zones implemented in Swedish waters.

Man measuring lobster

SpöReg – an angler app

Together with experienced sport fishing guides, we collect important data on pike and sea trout. To simplify the collection, we have developed a sport fishing app.

Tagging Baltic Cod

Solving the ageing and stock assessment problems with combined state-of-the-art tagging methods.

Tagged cod
Published: 17 April 2023 - Page editor: malin.werner@slu.se

Department of Aquatic Resources (SLU Aqua)

Head of Department: Noél Holmgren, +46 10-478 40 93
Vice Head of Department: Sara Bergek, +46 10-478 41 14
Press contact: Anneli Hofström,  +46 10-478 42 85

Delivery address: Department of Aquatic Resources, SLU, Ulls gränd 1, SE-756 51 Uppsala, Sweden