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Last changed: 04 September 2023
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To increase resource utilization from the blue sector in the future while reducing the impact of man on our blue planet requires collaboration between with different actors for ecological, economical and social sustainable development of aquatic resources. With our broad knowledge in ecology, fisheries biology, and technology development, we, together with other actors in the community, produce know-how for solving the complex problems that exist around the management and utilization of resources in water.

At the Department of Aquatic Resources (SLU Aqua), we collaborate with authorities, professional and recreational fishers, companies, fisheries and water conservation associations and several other non-governmental organizations.

SLU Aqua mostly engages in collaboration through advice and knowledge transfer to Swedish authorities and international organizations. We integrate everything from data collection, analysis and consulting into our collaboration. Our advice and collaboration with authorities and organizations is a prerequisite for sustainable fishing and resource utilization of Swedish and international waters.

Local collaboration - viable fishstocks

We also collaborate with local and regional fishing and water associations around data collection and analysis for advice based on local and regional conditions. Examples of successful local collaboration between SLU Aqua, authorities and fisheries and water conservation associations are management plans and fisheries regulations that have led to an increase in the amount of pike in Lake Mälaren and Hjälmaren, more salmon fish in Lake Vättern, or more pike and pike in protected areas along the coast.

Innovation for sustainable fisheries

Sustainable fishing requires that the gear has low environmental impact and selectively catches the species or sizes that you are interested in. We have long experience of working with professional fisheries to develop fishing gear and fishing methods to reduce by-catches of substandard fish or porpoises, develop seal-safe gear or reduce the impact of fishing gear on ecosystems.

In collaboration with the industry, we test new innovations for fishing and production methods, from cultivating crayfish to conditioning of lean cod to become a market product. We work for a more varied utilization of our aquatic resources, but it is important that this is done sustainably, and in collaboration between fishers and organizations we test new management models.

Collaboration for a blue future

Increasing the use of resources from the blue sector while protecting the environment and maintaining important ecological functions is a complex problem. Collaboration between different actors is required to solve this.

Welcome to cooperate with us for a better and smarter use of aquatic resources for sustainable development.


Örjan Östman, Senior Lecturer, Director of Studies - basic education
Department of Aquatic Resources, SLU, +46 10 478 41 53