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Climate change

Climate change is affecting the oceans and freshwater, and will cause major changes in aquatic ecosystems in the future. Already today we see the effects of climate change in fish communities where cold water species are disadvantaged by the water becoming warmer. We at SLU Aqua study how a changed climate affects species and the interaction between them, and how the entire food web is affected.

Fish and climate change

If the water gets warmer, darker or less saline, how does this affect fish communities and fisheries? SLU study changes i fish physiology and fish interactions. In this field study, we combine simulated climate change and mathematical models.

Cod and climate change

The Swedish Atlantic cod stocks are on the verge of collapse with serious population declines observed in the Baltic Sea and on the Swedish west coast. Will the already weakened stocks meet another challenge; climate change?

Cod swimming in sea grass. Photo.

Managing migratory fish

Diadromous fish such as pike and sea trout migrate between fresh and saltwater environments. These are fish that are strongly affected by human activities and climate change. The COAST-LAND project will provide advice for future management.

Stream meating the ocean. Photo.

How fish are affected by a warmer Baltic Sea

Magnus Huss and Anna Gårdmark are studying how fish and other life are affected by the fact that seas and lakes are getting warmer, with a changing climate.

Scientific publications from SLU by SDG

SLU researchers publish scholary works related to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG`s). Explore the SLU output for, among others, goal number 13 - Climate Action.

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