Natureach Workshop 1 - Virtual nature interventions

Last changed: 27 April 2023
Kickoff in dome

The workshop gathered experts in social and health care, VR- and digital technology and multidisciplinary research to discuss virtual nature interventions from client perspective. We also had a VR session at Curiosum dome theatre and a great opportunity to test different VR-equipment, which gave us important information for the equipment selection for different client groups in the project.

/ Arr. University of Vaasa and SLU


From the Workshop:

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11.00    Transportations for the Finnish participants to the Umeå Arts Campus

12.00    Lunch and introduction round (Restaurant Tonka, Östra Strandgatan 24)

13.30    Introduction to the themes: Virtual nature interventions, client pilots and project goals
(Curiosum, Östra strandgatan32)

             Martta Ylilauri (UVA), Ann Dolling, Anna María Pálsdóttir, Elisabet Bohlin and Martin Gärdemalm (SLU)

             Short presentation from client groups

14.15    VR session at Curiosum dome (Curiosum, Östra strandgatan 32)
             Madelen Bodin (Umeå university) and Martin Gärdemalm  (SLU) 

15.00    Coffee break

15.15    Equipment testing and group discussions on VR & video production
             from client perspective
(Curiosum, Östra strandgatan32)
             Antti Martikainen (Virtual-dawn)
             Martin Gärdemalm (SLU)

17.00    Workshop summary

17.30    Dinner and discussions (Restaurant 1897)

19.00    Transportations to the harbour and railway station


More information on the programme and transportations: and

NATUREACH Kick off Workshop Umeå 30 March 2023.pdf




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