Natureach Workshop 2 - Health effects of nature - measurements

Last changed: 05 October 2023
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The workshop will gather the project experts in social and health care, VR- and digital technology and multidisciplinary research, as well as staff from the client groups to discuss how to study health effects of nature from a medical and health science perspective. How to measure the physical response of these effects will be the main focus and will both be discussed and tested practically. The measurement of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), e.g., will be tested with the aid of the Firstbeat equipment that will be used in the projects client groups.

/Arr. University of Vaasa


Monday 16 October

  • 16.45  Transports from Wasaline terminal, railway station and airport to Restaurant Hejm, Event-loft on 2nd floor, Sininen tie 1B/ Blå vägen 1B, 65100 Vaasa 
  • 17.15  Dinner at Hejm
    -  Welcome & Introduction round Martta Ylilauri (UVA)
    -  Presentation of the Workshop program Martta
    -  Update on video productions in Sweden and Finland Martin Gärdemalm (SLU) and Esa Siltaloppi (Esa Siltaloppi Media Ltd)
  • Introduction to the Ghost Walk: The Grönvik story Tiina Hautala and Kati Källman
    19.00  Guided Ghost Walk starting from Hejm

Transport for luggage (and participants if needed) to Hotel Astor, Asemakatu 4/ Stationsgatan 4, 65100  Vaasa 

After the evening programme, Firstbeat guidance at hotel Astor for voluntary HRV-sleeping data  measuring by Minna Huotilainen (University of Helsinki).

Tuesday 17 October

  • 8.15 Transport from hotel Astor to the University Campus, Conference room in Konttori’s Sauna, Puuvillakuja 8, entrance from the sea side
  • 8.30 Morning coffee Introduction of Team Eskoo and all new team members
  • 9.00 How to study the health effects of nature from a medical and health science perspective? (15-20 min per presentation)
    -  Psychological scales for mood and restoration Lisbeth Slunga Järvholm (Umeå University)
    -  Photovoice method Elina Kontu and Satu Peltomäki (University of Tampere)
    -  Observations and interviews Päivi Juuso (Luleå University of Technology)
    -  RAND-36, Blood sugar level and blood pressure Monika Norberg, Charlotte Högberg and Benno Krachler (Lifestyle Medicine Österåsen, Region Västernorrland)
    -  Discussion
  • 10.20 A short Break (with fruit & refreshments)
  • 10.30  How to study the health effects cont...
    -  Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for evaluating physiological effects of nature interventions Minna Huotilainen (University of Helsinki)
    -  Discussion
  • 11.30 Lunch at Campus
  • 12.30 Introduction of VME Interaction Design Environment at Technobothnia Rebekah Rousi (UVA)
  • 12.45 Demos of measuring equipment etc.
    -  Demos with Firstbeat Minna Huotilainen and Naike Gorr (UHE) guide us with the Firstbeat equipment
    -  HRV-measuring demos in virtual and real nature with VR glasses and screens at VME lab (assisted by UVA’s VR-experts) and outdoors at Campus area (assisted by Martta, with weather reservation)
  • 14.15 Coffee and HRV-demo discussion (back at Konttori’s Sauna)
  • 14.45 A Review of the latest research on Nature and Health Anna María Palsdottír and Elisabet Bohlin (SLU)
  • 15.15 Equality and equity in project work Ann Dolling (SLU)
  • 15.35 Workshop summary & next steps
    -  Collaboration with One Health, Nordic Green Care research Network and other crucial networks Anna María, Martta and all
    -  Plan for the research group activities Catharina vonKoskull (UVA)
    -  Summary of the workshop Martta (UVA)

Walk to restaurant Bacchus (1,4 km and about 25 min)

Transports to railway station, airport and Wasaline terminal according to travel schedules


For catering and transports, please register here by 6.10.2023.

More information on the programme and arrangements:

Workshop Vaasa 16_17 Oct Program.pdf

** Reading tips about health measurements and VR within Nordic Nature Health Hub:
     Health measurements
     Research in Nature in VR and health



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