Digital Photogrammetry

Last changed: 15 October 2021

Digital Photogrammetry is the creation of three dimensional (3D) point cloud data by applying image matching to overlapping digital images.

The meaning of photogrammetry is to "measure with light", where the light is the sunlight reflected from the ground and vegetation and registered by the camera. The color of the images can be registered to each point in the 3D point cloud data created using image matching, which gives us additional information about the objects in the images. Within the Remote Sensing section, we work with both aerial photographs and close-range photogrammetry. 3D point clouds based on aerial photographs is evaluated for estimation of forest variables such as tree height, volume and tree distribution along with field data. 3D point clouds generated from overlapping close-range photographs is evaluated for field-measurement of tree stems.

Photogrammetric point cloud over forest landscape. Image.
Point cloud from aerial photos.
Photogrammetric point cloud of a spruce forest in profile and clear cut in the front. Image.
Point cloud from aerial photos.