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4 Apr

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New projects on continuous cover forestry

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The Future Forests platform invites researchers to a workshop on potential new research projects on continuous cover forestry.

This time the workshop will focus on new projects on continuous cover forestry, clearcut free forestry methods. Research within the platform should be interdisciplinary and with a high relevance to policy and/or practical applications.

Are you a researcher within forest sciences or with focus on forests and forest landuse, and are you interested to participate?

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Welcome to the workshop and introduction of Future Forests – Emma Holmström (10 min)

  • The role of Future Forests in development of new proposals
  • Relevant calls that are coming up

What is the goal of today? – Eliza Maher Hasselquist (5 min)

Presentations (45 min)

1. An example of transdisciplinary approach within Future Forests : CCF in riparian buffers – Expanding blue and green infrastructures for ecological and societal benefits – Eliza Maher Hasselquist

2. Knowledge gaps in CCF – Gudmund Vollbrecht

3. The Swedish Forest Agency’s identification of knowledge gaps, challenges / opportunities and focus areas – Charlotta Erefur/Carl Appelqvist

4. Skogforsk presents knowledge gaps and current research in adaptive forestry – Johan Sonesson

Break out rooms: (20 min)

- Have all important knowledge gaps been identified or are there any important aspect that we are missing?

- What knowledge that we currently miss is critical if we assume that in 20 years 20 % of the productive forest land should be under CCF?

Sum up (10 min)

- Reporting from groups

- Next step, Future Forests as "match maker" for finding transdisciplinary collaborators – Emma Holmström


Gudmund Vollbrecht, coordinator for continuous cover forestry at the research platform Future Forests.