Cycling in forest-wetland-lake ecosystem

Last changed: 05 May 2023

Photodegradation of methyl mercury (MeHg) in boreal lakes – the missing link to complete forest-wetland-lake ecosystem cycling budgets of MeHg

PI: Ulf Skyllberg Co-PI: Erik Bjön (Umeå University), Andrea G. Bravo (Spanish National Research Council), Anders Lindfors (Finnish Meteorological Institute)

Funding: Swedish research council for the environment and spatial planning, FORMAS (Dnr. 2021-00517), The Kempe Foundation (Dnr. SMK21-0035)

Is rewetting of wetlands increasing or decreasing methylation and reduction of mercury?

Co-PI: Ulf Skyllberg, Erik Björn (Umeå University), Stefan Bertilsson (SLU-Uppsala)

Funding: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (PI: Mats Öquist, SLU Dnr. 802-0107-19), The Kempe Foundation (PI: Mats Öquist, SLU Dnr. JCK-2016)

Mercury cyclying in lake