Kinetics and thermodynamics

Last changed: 05 May 2023

Kinetics of the chemical complexation of mercury to functional groups of natural organic matter – implications for Hg(II) reduction in soil and water

PI: Ulf Skyllberg Co-PI: Yu Song, Tao Jiang (Southwest University, China)

Funding: Swedish research council, VR (Dnr. 2018-03987), Diamond light source (UK) (Exp. SP9157, SP17946, SP20521)

Mercury reduction along a hydrological forest soil upland – lowland gradient as revealed by stable mercury isotopes

PI: Ulf Skyllberg Co-PI: Jan Wiederhold (German Federal Institute of Hydrology), Wei Zhu, Yu Song, Kevin Bishop (SLU-Uppsala)

Funding: Carl Trygger Foundation (Dnr. CTS17:423), Swedish Research Council (Dnr. 639-2013-6978 to Kevin Bishop, Sino-Swedish Mercury Research Framework, SMaReF)