Regenerative Nature Tourism (REGGAE) - An Interreg Aurora project

Last changed: 09 January 2024
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The aim beeing to promote accessible and regenerative tourism and to enhance the well-being of entrepreneurs in the project area by building networks and clusters, developing courses, guidebook and novel thematic tourism experiences. By the increased competence of entrepreneurs and developing thematic tourism experiences co-created together with customers, researchers, local community and entrepreneurs, tourism firms can attract new customers.

Traveling can have a positive or devastating impact on a nature destination and its surrounding society, depending on the design of tourist experiences and services. International trends indicate that travelers are increasingly conscious of sustainability issues and require experiences that fills these needs, which can be seen in the growing slow adventure tourism flows. In this project we will introduce regenerative tourism that is regarded as a transformational approach that aims to fulfil the potential of tourism places to flourish and create net positive effects through increasing the regenerative capacity of human societies and ecosystems. At the same time, we will address the needs of micro and SMEs within tourism firms, who are struggling with challenges such as value for money, shortage of customers, identifying sale channels, lack of collegial networks, low visibility and sometimes feelings of loneliness.

Finally, the competitiveness of the tourism firms is enhanced while bringing wider benefits to the travel destination. Cross-border products through cross-branch networks and clusters support the understanding of valuable joint culture and rich history as well as how our prosperous but vulnerable nature is as a resource for all. Thus, the acceptability of sustainable tourism services increases, and tourists take home lessons on how to give back to nature. Regenerative tourism will increase well-being and prosperity for nature, society, culture and a more stable income for entrepreneurs.

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Interreg Aurora project REGGAE



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Project name

Regenerative nature tourism (REGGAE)

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Education, culture and sustainable tourism

Specific objective

Culture and sustainable tourism

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Regular project



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LUKE Luonnonvarakeskus

Project partners EU

Ab Kristinestads näringslivscentral
Gold of Lappland  Ekonomisk förening
Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet
Itä-Suomen yliopisto (University of Eastern Finland)
Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu Oy

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Project manager

Pia Smeds, Dr, Researcher

Wolffintie 35 • 65200 Vaasa
Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

+358 40 1795309
+358 29 532 6549


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