Ongoing projects

Last changed: 08 July 2023
Degreo Mire

This page lists ongoing peatland research projects within the boreal biosphere-climate interactions research group

Advancing the modelling of the peatland carbon balance through assimilation of high-resolution component flux and phenology data

Our project aim is to advance a well-established peatland C cycle model by incorporating high-temporal resolution observations of i) individual net carbon dioxide (CO2) exchange component fluxes and ii) vegetation phenology. The specific objectives are: 1) To obtain novel empirical data on the individual peatland production and respiration component fluxes at high temporal resolution 2) To improve model algorithms for estimating autotrophic and heterotrophic respiration fluxes in boreal peatlands 3) To develop a dynamic vegetation model for improving simulations of peatland gross primary production and allocation to above- and belowground net primary production

Funded by the Swedish Research Council

Bridging scales: Carbon and greenhouse gas budgets from the plot to regional level in boreal Sweden

The project goal is to assess and cross-validate carbon and GHG budgets from plot to regional scales in boreal Sweden using chamber measurements, eddy covariance and atmospheric transport modeling. Project period: 2019-2021

Funded by the Kempe Foundation

How does drainage and ditch maintenance affect the greenhouse gas balance of forested peatlands in the Swedish boreal landscape?

The project goal is to estimate the effects of drainage and ditch maintenance on the greenhouse gas balance of drained peatland forests in the Swedish boreal landscape using eddy covariance and chamber measurements. Project period: 2017-2019

Funded by Formas

How does rewetting affect the greenhouse gas balance of drained peatland forests in boreal Sweden?

The overall aim of this project is to investigate how rewetting affects the GHG balance of drained peatland forests in boreal Sweden. This will be achieved by eddy covariance measurements of the ecosystem-scale CO2 and CH4 exchanges in work package 1 (WP1), combined with estimates of spatial variability from plot-scale GHG flux measurements across replicated sites in WP2. In WP3, the separate responses of the individual net CO2 exchange component fluxes will be determined.

Funded by Formas

Studying the impact of N fertilization on the CO2 and CH4 exchanges of a boreal nutrient-poor mire

The overarching goal of the project is to obtain an in-depth understanding of the peatland C cycle response to increased N input using an automated chamber system established on natural, moss and bare peat plots. More specifically, this set up will enable to study the effects of N fertilization on the individual carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) exchanges and their various underlying component fluxes.

Funded from the Kempe Foundation