NATUREACH - Palliative medicine

Last changed: 21 March 2024

Palliative medicine, Umeå (Umeå University)

The aim for this pilot is to investigate the possibility to use virtual nature experiences for palliative patients who are treated with advanced home care, and thereby increasing well-being and alleviating pain and anxiety.

Client groups:

  1. Patients with serious illnesses and limited survival who are in need of terminal advanced care. The majority of these patients are treated at home with close support from health care personnel at Palliative Medicine.
  2. Relatives that are close to the patient and assist in the care will also be offered to take part of the VR nature experiences. The aim is to enable for the relatives to share the patients experiences and to get some relaxation of their own.
  3. Staff
  • Equipment used in interventions: VR glasses are primarily considered as suitable tools.
  • Multisensory interventions: Films of nature environments that are complemented with sound, scents and tactile sensations.
  • Methods used in measuring the effects: Primarily VAS self-assessments of symptoms such as pain and anxiety and a mood scale. Individual interviews of the patients, their relatives and the employees involved in the care. HRV (heart rate variability) could be considered, but only if it doesnt involve any disturbance or discomfort for the patient.