Client groups and measurments

Last changed: 21 March 2024
Woman with VR glasses

Five client pilots with vulnerable patients/clients and one pilot for care professionals from several units will be studied. For the different pilots, customised digital nature-based interventions with multisensory experiences will be developed, based on clients needs and preferences.The interventions will aim to generate the best possible restorative and rehabilitative effects for each group.

The goal is to apply evidence-based methods to explore the health effects of virtual nature-based interventions. 

In measuring and assessment of the effects of client pilots, several methods are applied including field observations, structured video-observations, Talking Mats, Photovoice, interviews, structured proxy interviews, Mood survey, quality of life -questionnaires and reflections of experience, well-being and recovery. In addition, with some client groups, discussion/reflections in groups (focus groups) will be used. Physiological measures to be used are e.g. heart rate variability (HRV), blood sugar levels, weight, blood pressure, depenging on client group.

Measuring health effects

Read more about background, previous research and the NATUREACH measurment methods.