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Last changed: 14 December 2023

SLU's Soil Moisture Map is now released for the entire country. This took place through a collaboration between SLU, the Swedish Forest Agency, Formas and an EU-Interreg project WAMBAF Tools.

SLU Soil moisture map can be viewed online or on cellphone via a web app.

For those who want to download the map in their own GIS, the SLU Soil Moisture Map and the SLU Soil Moisture Map Classified can be downloaded via the following tools:

  • The maps can be downloaded via the Swedish Forestry Agency's ftp
  • The maps are also downloadable as a geodata service (Note - requires a user account, which is free if you sign up)
  • Employees and students at 29 universities and colleges can also download the maps via SLU's download service GET.

In addition to the soil moisture maps, there are also modeled networked watercourses to download (by County) via the Forestry Agency's ftp.

Descriptions of the maps

The documentation regarding water courses and soil moisture maps explains how the maps were calculated and how they can be interpreted. There is also a product description and a technical description of the maps.



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