Efficiency in farming systems

Last changed: 14 August 2017

Under the umbrella of this theme we capture research and education that contribute to the sustainable intensification of agroecosystems. It encompasses research disciplines addressing factors that increase agricultural productivity, such as plant and animal breeding, physiology and health, as well as factors related to social sciences such as developing markets, value chain and value addition.

Intensification is a strongly felt need in the light of the growing world population and the growing food insecurity in many parts of the world, particularly the developing world. Key in intensification is though sustainability, changes with long-lasting positive effects on global ecosystem health in all its multidimensionality.

Besides the research and capacity development components, sustainable intensification may need some major innovation to perculate into current farming systems. Such a process takes generally much time, particularly considering the traditional and ageing farming community. Innovation is, however, aided by rejuvenation of the farming population. In this light we are actively seeking to crosslink agripreneurs programmes in different parts of the world to inspire and crosslink youth on the global agriculture scene. 

Youth and agriculture

Workshop: Accelerating Youth, Education & Innovation in Agribusiness for Sustainable Development
The workshop Accelerating Youth, Education & Innovation in Agribusiness for Sustainable Development, taking place in Kampala, Uganda, 16-24 August, 2017, aims to develop collaborative educational interactions between young agricultural entrepreneurship programmes south of the Sahara and programmes in the north spearheaded by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Read more

Global Youth Agripreneurship and the Agriculture and Rural Management programme

In line with SLU Global’s mandate to increase internationalization in all educational programmes, including the vocational training programmes, SLU Global engaged in a linkup of a group of motivated students from the Agriculture and Rural Management programme in Alnarp. Read more

Youth, Entrepreneurship and African Agriculture Workshop

Key stakeholders from universities in Uganda, Kenya and Somaliland met in a three days’ student and teacher workshop at SLU Alnarp organized by the theme Efficiency in Farming Systems and the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop production Science (LTV). Read a summary of the workshop here.

Interesting reading on youth and agriculture 
An ICT agripreneurship guide: A path to success for young ACP entrepreneurs (ISBN:978-92-9081-613-3)

Youth, Agripreneurship and the Sustainable Development Goals
Joint SIANI and SLU Global workshop. Read more and watch recording from the workshop


Theme leaders 

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