Database for Marine fish - FD2

Last changed: 03 May 2023
A trawl for fish larvae is set from the aft deck of the research vessel Svea in the middle of the night by two seamen. Photo.

The database FD2 host quality assured data on marine fish and shellfish collected in monitoring surveys and other marine investigations at the Department of Aquatic Resources. The database is the national platform for data collection within the EU data collection framework (DCF) and data is reported to the intergovernmental marine science organization The international Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), for further analysis and advice for the Common Fishery Policy (CFP).

What can be found in this database?

Biological parameters as length, weight, age, sex and maturity are collected for fish and shellfish and entered to the database, together with information on the total catch composition and where applicable also discarded catch.


International databases

The data sampling is part of the EU Data Collection Framework (DCF) that governs the requirements on the sampling, registration, storage and quality assurance. The data is also required to be exported to international databases at ICES (International Council of the Exploration of the Sea) for the use of international working groups on assessment of fish stocks and for reginal coordination of the data collection.

FD2 is the national platform where data from most of the EU coordinated DCF data is stored. EU and ICES demands good quality management of the database and there is constant development.


How to obtain data

FD2 is not an open access database. Our survey data is available from the international ICES database called DATRAS. For other questions on data, please contact Malin Werner.


Data collection within DCF are Co-funded by the European Union.

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Malin Werner, Researcher
Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Marine Research, SLU, +46 10 478 40 57, +46 761-126 80 48