Tönnersjöheden and Skarhult Experimental Forests

Last changed: 21 October 2021

The experimental forests in Tönnersjöheden and Skarhult provide land for all types of field trials.

Tönnersjöheden's and Skarhult's experimental parks provide land for all types of field trials. The staff at the field station in Simlångsdalen is responsible for construction, maintenance and data collection.

Tönnersjöheden's experimental park is responsible for the Unit's long-term field trials in Götaland.

Climate measurements

Last week's climate in Simlångsdalen is shown graphically.


The staff at Tönnersjöheden's experimental park carry out phenological observations both within the framework of Natures calendars phenology monitoring program and especially for forestry purposes.

A phenological camera has been installed at the station, which follows seasonal changes automatically. Images from the camera are sent to an international network, PHENOCAM.

The phenology and production of blueberries and lingonberries are studied on permanent sample plots.