Environmental monitoring and assessment

Last changed: 10 January 2023
Weather station

This large part of the operations at the Unit includes studies on variations and changes in vegetation, forest conditions, soil and water conditions and climate measurements.

Climate monitoring

Climate measurements started as early as 1922 at the oldest experimental forests. Today, air and ground temperature, humidity, global radiation and precipitation are measured at all experimental forests. Measurement data is automatically processed to 10-minute and daily values. The climate is reported in annual reports, which can be downloaded from the unit's website.


The unit for forest field research is part of the Swedish national phenology network. At the experimental forests in Asa, Tönnersjöheden, Siljansfors and Vindeln, phenological observations are made on birch, spruce and pine as well as on bilberry and lingonberry. The observations are reported in Nature's calendar. Shoot development, autumn leaf coloring, leaf felling and flowering are followed on the trees, and flowers, unripe and ripe berries are counted on the berries.


Ola Langvall, Station Manager
Unit for Field-based Forest Research, SLU
ola.langvall@slu.se, +46 472 26 31 80