Educational activities

Last changed: 24 April 2023

Knowledge dissemination is a central task for the university and therefore for the experimental forest. We focus our efforts on three groups; forestry education, forestry industry, and the general public.

Excursions and field education

Forestry education programs within SLU such as the Forestry Program and the Forest Management School, as well as several external nature vocational schools, are frequent visitors to Siljansfors. Other institutions in various subjects also utilize the practical and educational opportunities available in the experimental forest. Visits may include field courses, excursions, and demonstration experiments.

Those active in the forestry industry, both companies and private individuals, are often the target group for excursions. It is important that the latest findings reach those who can implement them. Courses, training, and conferences are often held in the Milan conference hall with the surrounding experimental park as a training ground. Organizers include forestry companies, associations, authorities, and research programs. Siljansfors Experimental Forest is the main organizer, co-organizer, or sometimes just the host. Excursions are arranged both inside and outside the experimental forest.

Forestry trails

The general public is encouraged to spend time outdoors and to take part in all that the forest has to offer. The experimental forest provides well-maintained nature trails for this to be possible in an organized manner. Several of the trails are signposted with information boards. In our arboretum, visitors can experience 70 different tree species within the same forest area. There is a map and species list available, and each species is signposted with an information board. Siljansfors Experimental Forest has a giving and active participation in the Siljansfors Forestry Museum. Several schools, preschools, associations, and others have had positive experiences during their visits to Siljansfors Experimental Forest.


Ola Langvall, Station Manager
Unit for Field-based Forest Research, SLU, +46 472 26 31 80