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Last changed: 12 January 2017

The Svartberget field-station is located on Svartberget, approximately 6 kilometers northwest of the seat of Vindeln.

There are two possible roads from Vindeln to the field station:

1) Drive on road 363 toward Hällnäs. Take a right toward Abbortjärn by the sign "Svartbergets försökspark", continue through the village and take a left by the sign "Svartbergets försökspark 1 km". Drive up the hill to arrive at the field-station!

2) Take the road toward Botsmark. Take a left by the sign "Svartbergets försökspark" and continue straight past 3 houses, then take a right by the sign "Svartbergets fältstation 1 km". Drive up the hill and you will arrive at the station.


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