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Last changed: 24 February 2023

The Svartberget field-station is located on Svartberget, approximately 6 kilometers northwest of the seat of Vindeln.

Travel to Vindeln

Vindeln is small town located about 56 kilometers (or about a 50 minute drive) northwest of Umeå. Travel possibilities include regular flights between Stockholm and Umeå, as well as trains. Vindeln has its own train station, so travel between Umeå and Vindeln is easily facilitated even without access to a car, and you can travel by train to and from any other city connected to the railway network.


We are currently in the process of constructing housing for visiting researchers in connection to the research station. For now, there are two excellent hotells in Vindeln, you can find the links to their websites at the bottom of this page!

Vindeln also offers several excellent restaurants.

Finding the station

There are two possible roads from Vindeln to the field station:

1) Drive on road 363 toward Hällnäs. Take a right toward Abbortjärn by the sign "Svartbergets försökspark", continue through the village and take a left by the sign "Svartbergets försökspark 1 km". Drive up the hill to arrive at the field-station!

2) Take the road toward Botsmark. Take a left by the sign "Svartbergets försökspark" and continue straight past 3 houses, then take a right by the sign "Svartbergets fältstation 1 km". Drive up the hill and you will arrive at the station.


SLU, Unit for Field-based Forest Research
Svartberget Field station
922 91 VINDELN

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