Environmental monitoring

Last changed: 06 February 2019

Climate Measurements

Asa Research Station is registering the climate in Asa with high accuracy: air temperature, soil temperature, humidity, global radiation (solar and sky radiation), wind direction and speed, and precipitation. In Asa also ozone concentrations is measured (see below). The recordings are available with 10-minute average. Use the links below to see how the weather has been the last few days or years.

The same climate measurements are performed on all of SLU's Experimental Forests in Sweden. To view the climate from these, you can download the annual reports. If you want climate data from one or more of our stations, please contact Pernilla Löfvenius at Svartberget research station near Vindeln.


Phenology is the study of the vegetation changes over the seasons. The research station is involved in several activities:

  • Forest phenology, such as intensive monitoring phenological processes of the most common forest trees and forest berries.
  • General plant phenology, with is part of the Swedish National Phenology Network's nationwide observations from pro-stations to Nature's Calendar.
  • Web camera, as part of the PHENOCAM network. Images from this camera can be used for calculation of the green period of separate tree species and grass land, seen in the image.


Forest land CO2 balance

So called flux measurements made in Nybygget in Asa. The area is a forest regeneration site, wind damaged by the storm Gudrun in 2005.

Ground-level ozone

The measurements of near-ground ozone concentrations in Asa is now part of Sweden's official ozone monitoring network. You can see the last 30 days the values here (in Swedish).

Growth of the young spruce forest

The growth of young stands of spruce is monitored intensely at 10 sample plots in the Asa Experimental Forest since 1992. Stem growth and litterfall is assessed weekly, as well as groundwater depth and soil moisture on the plots, during the vegetation period.

Forest and water quality

The water quality in several watersheds are monitored in Asa, both in the Experimental Forest and in the High-yield Growth Forest.


Ola Langvall, Experiment Group Leader
Unit for Field-based Forest Research, SLU
ola.langvall@slu.se, +46 472 26 31 80