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Division of Agrarian History

We pursue education, research and external collaboration. Here we present our activities.

The research subject Agrarian History, encompasses a development from ancient times to the present and covers agricultural production and technological development, social and economic conditions, people in the rural society and their relation to nature, the landscape and society at large, with a focus on northern European conditions, including Sweden.

Education in agrarian history

The Division offers courses on both basic and advanced level - freestanding courses as well as courses included in several programmes at SLU.

Linnaeus' Hammarby cultural reserve

A collaborative project between SLU and the County Administrative Board in Uppsala, where the Division conducts research, education and landscape care.

Patrick Svensson, Professor of Agrarian History

See the film and get to know Professor Patrick Svensson and his work.


Download the final programme and absracts for the Rural History conference in Uppsala, Sweden, 20-23 June, 2022.


Head of Division

Jesper Larsson, Research Fellow at KVHAA/Senior Lecturer, +4618671853
Send an e-mail to: jesper.larsson@slu.se

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