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Division of Political Science and Natural Resource Governance

Division of Political Science and Natural Resource Governance was founded in 2023 and consists of the subject Political Science, the unit for environmental integration, and SLU Swedish Biodiversity Centre. At the division we pursue research with an interest in how society meets and manages the challenges posed by environmental and sustainability problems.

SLU Swedish Biodiversity Centre

Research and communication on conservation, restoration and sustainable use of biodiversity as a crucial issue for society.

Political Science

Research in political science, with a main focus on policy and governance issues related to various environmental and sustainability challenges.

Unit for Environmental Integration

Promoting an enhanced integration of environmental issues and perspectives in various sectors in society.


Head of Division

Eva Stephansson, +4618672660, +46706262660, eva.stephansson@slu.se


List of all staff at the division >

Published: 22 March 2024 - Page editor: anni.hoffren@slu.se