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Division of Rural Development

The Division of Rural Development engages in international research, teaching and collaboration that contributes to scholarship, policy and practice in the Global North and South. Here we present our activities.

The Rural Development research subject is an interdisciplinary field of study based in the social sciences, in which we pay special attention to how ideas about development have material consequences in the specific contexts of the global north (Sweden and Europe) and global south.



Education at the Division of Rural Development

the division offers three education programmes and a wide array of free standing courses.

External Collaboration at the Division

We pursue our research and education in close collaboration with the surrounding society.

Seema Arora-Jonsson, Professor of Rural Development

See the film and get to know Professor Seema Arora-Jonsson and her work.

Back-to-the-land and the cultivation of a renewed countryside?

A new project analyses the past decades of back-to-the-land migration in Sweden— its relevance for a broader food systems transformation.


Head of Division

Margarita Cuadra,  Researcher, +46 18 67 11 53
Send an e-mail to: margarita.cuadra@slu.se

Vice Head of Division

Patrik Oskarsson, Researcher, +46 18 67 26 66
Send an e-mail to: patrik.oskarsson@slu.se

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