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Research in Agrarian history

Agrarian history stretches from the oldest times until the present. The emphasis is on the people of the agrarian societies, their social and economic situation och their relation to nature, the landscape and the society.


Looking back to prepare for a sustainable future: Animal husbandry in 20th Century Europe

Welcome to an international workshop in Uppsala, June 26-28 2019.

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Agrarian history has been a subject at SLU since 1994 and researchers from natural sciences as well as human and social sciences.

The research area is multidisciplinary, which demands various methods to answer the questions we seek answers for. One important method is to interpret written sources, hostorical maps and illustrations. Another important method is to analyze the landscape through botanical inventory, collection of paleo-ecological material and find traces of historical land use.


International workshop in Uppsala

In the picture to the left: participants at the international workshop Integrating income sources in peasant economies: Scandinavia and the Alps compared that was held in Uppsala on June 1st.
From left: Katja Hrbat Virloget, Zarko Lazarevic, Ines Begus, Luca Mocarelli, Marja Erikson, Anna Westin, Jesper Larsson, Tommy Lennartsson, Eva-Lotta Päiviö, Renaoto Sansa, Maths Isacson, Mats Morell, Aleksander Panjek. Missing: Iréne Flygare.

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Jesper Larsson, Research Fellow at KVHAA/Associate Senior Lecturer, 018-67 18 53,

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