Crisis management at SOL

Last changed: 20 September 2020
An emergency button with 112 written on it. Illustration.

Most important in case of an accident or emergency is to help any injured. Call the emergency number 112 when necessary (ambulance, police or fire department).

In the event of a crisis or major accident, SLU has an organisation designated for crisis management. You can read more about this on the SLU Staff Website.

All departments should have specifically trained Fire Safety Agents who are responsible for the coordination of an evacuation of premises in the event of for instance a fire.

Fire Safety Agents at SOL

Floor 3

Petra Fabel. Photo.

Petra Fabel

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Roger Elg

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Helena Espmark

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Eva Stephansson. Photo.

Eva Stephansson

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Veronica Axelsson Linkovski

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Floor 4

Jesper Larsson. Photo.

Jesper Larsson

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Rescue stations and evacuation plans in Ulls hus

Around the premises of Ulls hus are located a number of so called rescue stations. Here you find the evacuation plans for the building. Evacuation plans for Ulls hus can also be found here.