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Research in environmental communication

We investigate the communicative processes that take place at the nature-culture interface, by seeing communication as intersubjective meaning-making rather than as transmission of information.

Here we present our research activities - in projects and in publications.

» The Division of Environmental Communication is a cross-section of researchers jointly devoted to examining communication pertaining to environmental issues. In our work, we:

• closely with practice, including public agencies, organisations and industry, to inform processes of public participation on the sustainable use, conservation and management of natural resources;

• ...critically discuss and challenge scholarly perspectives on conflict, power, democratic legitimacy and social learning in environmental management;

• …relate the material contexts of natural resources to global processes of communication, exploring, for example, the role of social movements, democratic challenges and sustainability discourses on environmental policy, its legitimacy and its compliance.

Our researchers draw from diverse interdiscplinary backgrounds and encompass a range of environmental issues in contexts such as:

We approach communication both from a constitutive and instrumental perspective. Communication is a critical instrument for dealing with environmental conflicts, for negotiating spaces for public participation of natural resources, and for enabling learning for collective action and change for sustainable development. At the same time, communication is what forms the discourses and institutional frames that pertain to natural resource management. Our work is located in the interplay between these.

» Division of Environmental Communication

Head of division 

Lotten Westberg, Associate Professor, researcher, +46 18 67 19 32, +46 70 216 30 72,

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