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The PECA research program

We are interested in understanding landscape changes, the linkages between agriculture and forestry in smallholder systems, local land uses as risk management strategies in time of climate change and the changing role of forests in rural people lives and work. 


Living with uncertainty in South Asia Mountains.

Mountain landscape in Nepal, photo.

PECA 2022-2026

Wild animals - biodiversity or pest? Creating local dialogues for dealing with farming-wildlife conflicts in rural Himalayan landscapes.

A group of local farmers in Nepal sitting on the ground for village discussions. Photo.

PECA 2023-2025

Secondary forests, commodity frontiers and the micro-politics of land claims: Struggling to build smallholder forest futures.

Forest in Nepal, photo.

PECA 2021-2024

What is secondary about secondary forest? Building smallholder forest futures in Peru’s Amazonian frontier.

Six men and a young boy in a forest. Photo.


The Practice of Resilience in Mountain Landscapes: Exploring risk and landscape investments in rural Nepal.


Forest and Agrarian Transition, Smallholder Practices and the New Forms of Land Governance.


Thinking beyond REDD: analysing smallholders’ motivations and actions for ecosystem service management.


Paying for Ecosystem Services: Consequences and alternatives (PECA).

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