As a new employee at the department

Last changed: 04 April 2023

Welcome to SOL! We have put together an orientation package that we hope will facilitate your work as a new employee at our department. Do not forget to fill out the evaluation form.

You find our latest Annual Report as PDF below:


Checklist for the orientation

The following should be effected during your orientation

About the department

Until 2015 the department was located at Ulls väg 28 and in that garden you could find this statue. It was made by a landscape arhitect student in a project course. The Swedish word for ”sun” is sol. The statue quickly became a symbol for the department.

SOL is an acronym for the Swedish name of the department (Stad Och Land), and it has become the commonly used name of the department. SOL is also the Swedish word for sun.

Department of Urban and Rural Development - SOL

The department consists of five divisions:

AH - Division of Agrarian History

LA - Division of Landscape Architecture

LAG - Division of Rural Development

MK - Division of Environmental Communication

SNF - Division of Political Science and Natural Resource Governance
MI - Unit for Environmental Integration (incl. Sida’s Helpdesk for Environment and Climate Change)
CBM - SLU Swedish Biodiversity Centre

And the common support function: TA Technique and Administration, link to a list of the TA staff at the department & link to the intranet's administration page.

The department also comprises the national collaborative center:

SLU Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation (SCNI) 

All divisions hold regular meetings led by the head of the division.

Organisational chart.

Here you can find a more detailed account of the department organisation-the divisions and the SOL common work groups »

The department's premises

The staff offices are all located in Ulls hus. You enter from Ulls väg 27 (2nd floor) and follow the stairway to the third and fourth floor where the offices are. The student and teaching premises are all located on entrance floor (2nd floor) of Ulls hus.

» Here you find a map of the Campus area with Ulls hus pointed out.

» Here you find floor plans of Ulls hus 

Management and administration

Heads of the department

Stina Powell. Photo.

Stina Powell, Head of department, +4618672509, send email to: 

Kristina Marquardt. Photo.

Kristina Marquardt, Vice Head of department, +4618672099, send email to: 

Lars Johansson, Assistant Head of department, +4618671914, send email to: 


The technical and administrative staff

HR & Finances   

Marithe Lindelöf, Administrative Manager, +4618672348, send email to: 

Administrative support to management functions. Current accounting, cost accounting, budgeting, project tracking, project accounting, auditing, contract management. Department contact person for the Divisions of Law and Finance at SLU.

Photo of Petra Fabel.

Petra Fabel, Project Controller, +4618672120, send email to: 

Project controlling and analyzing, reporting to funders, administrative in-house training and time reporting.

Lisa Danielsson. Photo.

Lisa Danielsson, Financial Officer, +4618671947, send email to: 

Ann Djurberg, Human Resources Administrator, +4618672088, send email to: 

Employment cases, renumeration, answers quesions on salary issues.

Mesumbe Donatus, Financial Officer, +4618672399, send email to:

Project controlling and analyzing, reporting to funders, audits, Proceedo.

Mona Olsson, Financial Administrator, +4618672135, send email to:

Travel bills, hourly wages, questions about Primula.

Tarja Onegård, Financial Officer, +4618671776, send email to:

Project controlling and analyzing, reporting to funders, audits.

Lena Karlsson , Financial Officer, +4618672748, send email to:

Financial follow-up of projects, calculation, reporting to financiers, audits.



Marlén Tälleklint. Photo.

Marlén Tälleklint, Education Administrator, +4618672671, send email to: 

Registration and updating of information in Ladok, administrative support for teachers, archiving of education and research material.

Helen Arvidsson, Education Officer, Director of Undergraduate studies, +4618671995, send email to: 

Director of Undergraduate studies: planning, implementation and follow-up of the department education on basic and advanced level. Department representative in all SLU agencies for basic and advanced education.

IT & premises   

David Halim. Photo.

David Halim, Technical Coordinator, +4618671900, send email to: 

Computer and e-mail accounts, networks, user catalogues, user profiles, purchasing of all computer equipment and licences, back-up, IT security, IT support for students and employees. Trade-union representative for ST.

Karen Ekström Gould. Photo.

Karen Gould Ekström, Departmental Assistant, +4618672688, send email to: 

Service support for the administration. Registering in Public360 (case and records management). Distribution and sales of the department’s publications (book series) and the coordination of booking of the weekly visiting massage therapist.


Anni Hoffrén. Photo.

Anni Hoffrén, Communications Officer, +4618672581, send email to: 

Production of publications and information materials. Webmaster for the department websites. Admin för the department's social media platforms. Technical editor for the department’s report series.

Anna Maria Wremp. Photo.

Anna Maria Wremp, Communications Officer, +4618671394, send email to: 

Works part-time, mainly with the department's websites, but also with all matters concerning communication through social media.

Administrative systems

Screen shot of the SLU Staff website homepage with the login button highlighted.

We have listed the administrative systems we believe will be the most frequently used in you work here at SLU. Please follow each link and get acquainted with the environment. Under each item you find listed who to turn to for help and advice.

NOTE! In order to access these systems you need to be logged in to th SLU network and Steff Website (your AD login) as in the screenshot above.


Fault reports & service requestsif something is not working as it should in the building, e.g. lighting, access cards, cleaning, goods, damage, etc. You can also submit requests for service.

TimeEdit: Booking of teaching premises all over the Ultuna campus.
Question: studierektor grundutbildning, +4618671995, send an e-mail to:

Minutes from SOL meeting: you find them on Arbetsplatsen - the department’s collaboration platform in Share Point
Questions: Technical Coordinator, +4618671900, send an e-mail to:

Outlook: Programme used for booking of premises in Ulls hus; for e-mail and the common SOL Calendar. The programme is installed on your computer but is also accessible through a web application, see Web mail.
Questions: Technical Coordinator, +4618671900, send an e-mail to:

Personal CV pages:at the SLU external website
Questions: Communications Officer, +4618672581, send an e-mail to:

Primula: Holiday and leave, registering travel expenses, report sickness, reimbursement of medical expenses and give account of any sideline activities 
Questions: Financial Administrator Mona Olsson +4618672135, send an e-mail to:

Proceedo: Purchases and vendor invoices (qualification course required)
Questions: Financial Officer Mesumbe Donatus Ekaney +4618672399, send an e-mail to:

Meeting minutes: Minutes from all common working groups at SOL, can be found at our public server: P:\sol-alla\Ledning\Protokoll\ 

Share Point (Arbetsplatsen): Department’s collaboration platform in Share Point, accessible through internet from all over the world. Common information documents, booking of massage.
Questions: Technical Coordinator, +4618671900, send an e-mail to:

SLUPub: database for registration of all publications produced at the department/SLU.
Questions: Staff at the Ultuna library,, +4618671103, send an e-mail to: chat & FAQ

Web mail: You can also access your e-mail through this web application.
Questions: Technical Coordinator, +4618671900, send an e-mail to:

Checklist for teachers

There are a number of administrative support functions that will help you working as a teacher at basic and advanced level. We have compiled a list of the most important things to keep in mind as a new teacher at SOL.

  • Book a meeting with the Director of undergraduate studies Helen Arvidsson, where you will review the course syllabus, schedule and budget, among other things.
  • Book an introduction to administrative support for teachers with Education Administrator Marlén Tälleklint, who will guide you through most of the posts below, and give you access and introduction to the study documentation system Ladok
  • When working as a teacher, it is important to go through the points on the page Undergraduate education on SOL's Intranet, where you find shortcuts to important websites, systems and documents.


Checklist for project leaders

To facilitate the administration of your research project there are a number of persons who can support you in your project management. Below is a list of the main things to keep in mind as a project leader.

Courses for project leaders

All project leaders at SOL are offered a course in project management, arranged by the department. The course covers the administrative essentials of the management of your research project.

Administrative staff in project management

Petra Fabel (LA), Tarja Onegård, Mesumbe Donatus (LAG), Lisa Danielsson (on leave), Lena Karlsson (MK), Petra Fabel (MI), Elena Vallin (CNV, AH,  CBM)

Marithe Lindelöf, Administrative Manager: contracts, opening and closing of projects, new project numbers

Petra Fabel, Project Controller: administrative in-house training, applications, contracts, project monitoring, corrections, audits, reporting to the financiers and time reporting

Elena Vallin, Financial Officer: project monitoring, applications, corrections, monthly follow-ups

Tarja Onegård, Financial Officer: project monitoring, applications, corrections, monthly follow-ups

Mesumbe Donatus, Financial Officer: project monitoring, applications, corrections, monthly follow-ups, Proceedo

Lisa Danielsson, Financial Officer: project monitoring, applications, corrections, monthly follow-ups

Lena Karlsson, Financial Officer: project monitoring, applications, corrections, monthly follow-ups

Mona Olsson, Financial Administrator: Travel bills, hourly wages 

Ann Djurberg, Human Resources Administrator: employment cases, reimbursement claims

Anni Hoffrén, Communications Officer & Webmaster: Creates project web pages

Marlén Tälleklint, Records & archives: Filing of scientific reports and raw data

Responsibilities of the project leader

  • Always contact the project controller when applying for external fundings or submitting a tender.
  • Be aware of the financier’s claims associated to an application or tender.
  • Be updated on what kind of expenses the project agreement allowes.
  • Use time-sheets for recording of activities, so that accurate wages are debited the project.
  • Make regular follow-ups of the project and initiate any rectifications in the accounting, in consultation with the project controller.
  • Make sure requisitions and invoices are sent in time, in consultation with the administrative manager.
  • Report to the financier according to the project plan (project controller).
  • Order an audit through the project controller - if required in the agreement (eg. SIDA).
  • Only use expenses within the disposal time. If needed, send a written request to the financier for an extension of the disposal time.
  • Final reporting - scientific and financial, according to the claims of the financier

Frequently Asked Questions

Channels of Information 

  • There are several notice boards for internal use around our premises in Ulls hus:
    - one SOL common notice board that is oated outside the lunch room on level 3
    - one in each mail and copy room (two on level 3 and one on level 4)
  • CV pages 
    All employees are presented on the SLU website with a photo and contacts. There is also the so called CV pages - with room for further presentation of your activities. We at SOl think it is very important that all employees activate their own CV page.  Instructions on how to do this. 
  • Facebook 
    There is also a Facebook group for more non work related discussions, where everybody working at SOL is welcome!
  • Calendars 
    - We use Outlook for a SOL common calendar to share and coordinate our activities at the department. 
    Ask the technical coordinator for help to import the calendar into your Outlook,, +46 18 67 19 00.
    - For advertising outside the department, there is the SLU calendar on the website. Contact the communications officer for this:, +46 18 67 25 81.
  • Mailing lists
    There are mailing lists for all purposes and levels - to everybody working at the University as well as to small working groups at the department: goes to all employees at SOL (you are automatically included in this group)
    - all of the divisions at the department have their own (, etc.)
    student bodies all over SLU
    It is possible to create further mailing lists, e.g. all postdocs at the department or division heads, such lists are encouraged as they can be used to discuss issues of help to the persons involved at the same time as they reduce emails to people who are not interested. Please contact David Halim if you wish to make a new mailing list.
    Contact the technical coordinator ig you have questions on any of this,, +46 18 67 19 00.
  • Meetings
    To facilitate the planning of joint activities, no classes should be scheduled on Wednesday afternoons, all over Ultuna Campus.
    - Fika: at 10:00. and at 15:00. those who want meet up for a joint fika in the lunchroom on level 3. The department offers coffee/tea/hot chocoloate and fruit is delivered twice a week
    - Wednesday meetings: every Wednesday at 10:00. we have a joint fika with information, in the lunchroom on level 3. The department offers sandwiches. During the fika, the head or vice head of department informs of what's going on at the department and visitors and new employees have the opportunity to introduce themselves to everybody. 
    - Division meetings: all the division regularly hold meetings - these are usually held on Wednesdays.
  • Postal services
    -  the mail is collected and delivered daily, at 10:00. The SLU Postal Service handles international, as well as internal and national mail.
  • Servers
    The technical Coordinator, will make sure that you are introduced to the common servers at SOL. 
    - All employees are given a personal folder on the department server, usually placed under U:\
    - We also have a public folder where we store common work documents, this is placed under P:\
  • Share Point/Arbetsplatsen
    The department has a Share Point platform called Arbetsplatsen (The work place) that we use for collaborating with people outside the department and to make documents available through internet, without having to be logged in to the SLU network. These documents are then linked to from our intranet.
  • Business cards 
    You can order your business cards here 

Environmental Certificate

SLU is environmentally certified against the international standard ISO 14001:2015. 


The department follows the policies and regulations stated by SLU concerning the use of data and photos of employees. You can read more about that here.


At SLU, we use Swedish and English in parallel. Whenever there is somebody present who does not understand Swedish, meetings are held in English. If somebody whishes to make an announcement in Swedish, we help out in translating it to English.

Messages aimed at all staff at the department should, if possible,  be written in both Swedish and English.

Ulls hus

All matters concerning our premises in Ulls hus (except for computers) are being taken care of by the common service function: Service Ull.

Office supplies (a smaller storage) can be found in the mail and copy rooms on level 3 and 4.

All matters concerning IT and computers are taken care of by our Technical Coordinator David Halim, +46 18 67 19 00,

Work Environment/Equal Opportunities

The department has a working group that coordinates the work environment development. It is called SAM-group - Health & Safety. It consists of the head of the division, the safety representatives, the labour union representatives and the equal opportunities representative. 

The head of the department (ultimately responsible for the work environment at the department) convenes the meetings - appr. 4 times a year. The minutes are available at Arbetsplatsen - the department's common workspace in Share Point . Read more about who the representatives are.

Your Employment

At the SLU Staff website you will find all you need to know concerning you employment; working hours, terms of employment, salaries, illness & healthcare, insurances, secondary employment, etc.:  


Employee of a government agency

As a government agency the university has a number of legislation and directives it must adhere to. That means guidelines an regulation that you as an employee must follow.

Here are a few of these, that you you are most likely to come across:

SLU:s web training for new government agency employees: "Our mission".

Evaluation of completed orientation

Your feedback is of utmost importance to us, so we therefore ask you to fill in this evaluation form after completion of the orientation.

You are of course welcome at anytime with your questions and suggestions.

Anni Hoffrén, Communications Officer,, +4618672581.

Link to the evaluation form »