Profession and practice

Last changed: 04 April 2023

In profession and practice, methods and theories are developed in relation to the landscape architect’s role, professional practice, landscape architectural processes and the landscape's change over time.

With a focus on factors such as form, scale or materiality, aesthetic issues and the physical landscape's significance for meaning and identity in the landscape are processed.

Profession and Practice works with landscapes regardless of scale, character or spatial position. Exploration and communication through sketch and model is an important focus, as is the use of various architectural tools and representational methods when communicating about the landscape.

Research project within the subject area

Group members

Carola Wingren - link to Carola Wingren's CV page

Hildegun Nilsson Varhelyi – link to Hildegun Nilsson Varhelyi's CV page

Åsa Ahrland – link to Åsa Ahrland's CV page

Ulla Myhr 

Anders Mårsén – link to Anders Mårsén's CV page

Sofia Sandqvist 

Emma Butler – link to Emma Butler's CV page

Bodil Dahlman 

Helena Espmark – link to Helena Espmark's CV page

Viveka Hoff 

Anna Lundvall 

Marina Queiroz – link to Marina Queiroz's CV page

Anna Robling – link to Anna Robling's CV page

Bruno Santesson – link till Bruno Santesson's CV page

Sara Westerdahl 

Maria Wisselgren – link to Maria Wisselgren's CV page

Thorbjörn Andersson 

Josephine Norrbo