Asa Experimental Forest and Research Station

Last changed: 01 November 2022

Asa Experimental Forest and Research station, founded in 1988, is located 37 km north of Växjö, latitude. 57 ° 10'N, longitude. 14 ° 47'E, in the village of Asa, and the total area is 1 010 hectares, of which approximately 900 hectares are productive forest. The land is owned by Sveaskog.

Approximately 80 percent of the entire area is forested. Half of this consists of spruce, a quarter of the forest consists of mixed coniferous forest of spruce and pine. The remaining quarter is made up of pine and deciduous stands.

The research station is utilized by researchers at SLU and other universities to lay out and measure field trials, and do samplings in the woods. Researchers at the station is also involved in several research programs where field research is an important component of the program, e.g. research on the pine weevil, various tree species and carbon dioxide exchange between forest soil and the atmosphere.

The station also carries out significant information activities in the experimental forest, mainly through field trips and teaching in the field. Both scientific field experiments and educational landscaped demonstration areas are utilised for these activities.

Environmental monitoring is another important task for the station. Above all, the climate measurements made continuously, but also the variation in tree growth, field vegetation dynamics and phenology studies are included.

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