Ponds, throughs and aquariums

Last changed: 05 July 2021
Ponds for research. Photo.

The Department of Aquatic Resources at Drottningholm has great facilities for research such as ponds, tanks and aquariums. Do you want to perform experimental studies on fish or other aquatic organisms together with us? We have the infrastructure that enables research in aquatic environments.

Study aquatic organisms in ponds

The water in the eight ponds at Drottningholm comes from Lake Mälaren and has a water level that can be regulated. In these ponds researchers have studied fish behavior, effects of climate change and also conducted experiments to develop environmental analysis of the future. One of the eight ponds is 22 x 22 meters and seven ponds are 22 x 6 meters.

Study aquatic organisms in outdoor tanks

At Drottningholm there are also 20 outdoor tanks. At the moment, exciting experiments are underway in the tanks. We are investigating how we can reveal occurrences of pike by DNA analyzes of water samples. And one of our doctoral students recently studied the effects of climate change and brunification on plankton.

Study aquatic organisms in aquariums

The Department of Aquatic Resources at Drottningholm also has about 20 glass aquariums with sampling facilities next door. Water temperature and lighting in the aquariums can be regulated.

Troughs at SLU Aqua´s research facilities. Photo.
In the outdoor tanks, you can investigate organisms more closely, such as how fish communities are affected by climate change or whether eDNA can reveal the presence of pike. Photo: SLU.
King Carl XVI Gustaf is talking to a researcher. Photo.
Researcher Lennart Edsman shows King Carl XVI Gustaf the indoor aquariums used for studies on signal crayfish. Photo: Viktor Wrange (cropped)


Sara Bergek, Head of Division
Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Freshwater Research, SLU
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