The Role and Responsibilities of the Municipalities in the Wording and Implementation of the Forest Policy

Last changed: 16 September 2020
A forest of high pine trees. Photo.

A study of the accountability of Swedish municipalities concering the social value of forests and how this accountability in forest policies can be improved.

The project aims were to chart the work done by municipalities in peri-urban forests and thereby their contribution to the implementation of the forest policy, and furthermore to study the agency of the municipalities on a national level concering the making of forest policy.


Project leader

Sara Holmgren, Researcher, Division of Environmental Communication, SLU 


Anders Lindhagen, Researcher, Deptartment of Forest Economics, SLU, +4618673840, +46702115268
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External funding

The Swedish Forest Society Foundation (Stiftelsen Skogssällskapet)

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