A Local Circular Economy for Agricultural Produce: Driving force for sustainable community development

Last changed: 31 March 2023

The project developed an operating model for making the local circular food chain an incentive to sustainable development of society; with an increased coordination of rural community services centred around service hobs and a wave of social innovations among producers and consumers.

How do we achieve a sustainable agricultural production in a time of expanding cities and populations and a climate change? This project presented a private/public business model for sustainable community development driven by a circular agricultural produce chain.

Demand for sustainable agricultural produce is on the rise. Many cities are preparing for increased self-reliance with relation to their local agricultural production. In Sweden, there are ongoing processes to develop national, regional and local agricultural strategies. A transformative business model for private and public stakeholders must be developed in order to realize the implications of these strategies. Rural service nodes and social innovations will play key role in the coordination between producers and consumers.

The project members hold expertise in the following fields: sustainable agriculture, sustainable city planning, environmental technology, business development and project management. The project's consortium is confident that a model for circular agricultural production has signifiant benefits for society's development of sustainable and resilient municipalities, cities and regions both in Sweden and abroad.

The first stage of this project focused on development of a conceptual model and expanding the number of stakeholders connected to the project. Stage two delivered an in-depth study of the pilot program for the business model. Commersialisation of the model constituted stage three.


Project leader

Gunilla Meurling, Project Manager, Uppsala Municipality, +46187271256
Send an e-mail to: gunilla.meurling@uppsala.se

Project participants

Madeleine Granvik, Researcher, Division of Landscape Architecture, SLU

Maria Wivstad, Director at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Centre for organic food and farming (Epok), SLU, +4618671409, +46706771409
Send an e-mail to: maria.wivstad@slu.se 

Elin Röös, Associate Senior Lecturer at the Department of Energy and Technology; Division of Agricultural Engineering, SLU, +4618671866
Send an e-mail to: elin.roos@slu.se 

Project time


External funding

Sweden's Innovation Agency (Vinnova) dnr 2016-00377