Fish ageing laboratories at the department of aquatic resources

Last changed: 16 April 2024

Laboratories equipped for determining the age of fish.

Age determination of fish can provide detailed information about fish stocks and how they react to environmental changes. Three laboratories exist within the department of of Aquatic Resources that specialize in determining the age of fish from the surrounding ocean, coastal, lake, and river areas. The three laboratories are:

Ocean lab in Lysekil: age determination of fish captured from commercial
fishing vessels. Herring, sprat, cod, saithe, plaice, witch flounder and
haddock are the species typically analyzed here.

Coastal lab in Öregrund: age determinations are performed for regional and national environmental montitoring, cooling intakes for nuclear power-plants, and for the EU data collection directive (DCF). Perch, herring, eel, whitefish, turbot, and round goby.

Freshwater lab in Drottningholm: age determination in environmentally monitored small and medium sized lakes, fish-stock analysis and monitoring in large lakes and for the DCF. Perch, roach, pike, salmon, smelt, sik and siklöja are typically analyzed here.


Magnus Kokkin

Carina Jernberg

Martina Blass

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