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How soil carbon loss could accelerate global warming

Published: 01 December 2016

A study using data gathered from across the globe shows that climate change will increase the rate of global warming.

The newly published research shows that as global temperatures rise, the activity of microbial life in the soil increases which in turn increases the decomposition of organic matter and thus the release of greenhouse gases from the soils. Parts of this data were gathered at Svartberget, as a part of the Krycklan project and the new research results was published in Nature on the first of December, 2016.

Hjalmar Laudon, manager of Krycklan and professor of forest landscape biogeochemistry at SLU in Umeå is a key person in this project, and you can find his contact details as well as a link to Krycklans own homepage below.

The article is named: "Quantifying Global Soil Carbon Losses in Response to Warming". DOI 10.1038/nature20150


Hjalmar Laudon, Professor Forest Landscape Biogeochemistry 
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