Improving berry yield prediction and mapping

Last changed: 07 August 2023
Bilberry and cowberry

The aim of this research project is to provide a decision basis for a sustainable management of edible berries and improve the mapping and forecasting of berry yields in the forest landscape.

This is important since wild berries are an essential benefit of forest ecosystems, and constitute a good example of non-wood forest products in bio-based economy. We aim to a) develop methods for predicting forest berry yield at different scales from plot to large areas applying auxiliary information, b) calibrate berry yield predictions within one season and c) implement models into decision support system. Our results enable evaluation of occurrence, abundance and distributions of berry yields in stand to regional and national level. All this improved information can be utilized in multi-objective forest planning and evaluation of berry yields as ecosystem service in bio-based economy.

Project is financed by FORMAS and research done in co-operation between researchers from SLU, UEF and LUKE.



30/9/2021: Paper published:

Bohlin, I., Maltamo, M., Hedenås, H., Dahlgren, J. and Mehtätalo, L. 2021. Predicting bilberry and cowberry yields using airborne laser scanning and other auxiliary data combined with National Forest Inventory field plot data. Forest Ecology and Management 502,  119737.

28/9/2021: Results presented in Silvilaser conference Vienna

Bohlin, I., Maltamo, M., Hedenås, H., Dahlgren, J., and Mehtätalo, L. 2021. Predicting bilberry yields using ALS and other auxiliary data combined with NFI field plots. Silvilaser 2021. Vienna, Austria, september 28-30, 2021.

4/12/2020: Project and first results were presented in FOU-nätverker Bär -seminarium

19/5/2019: First results were presented in BECFOR field excursion in Vindeln