Gendered Sustainability: Norm-critical explorations of energy practices for everyday transitions

Last changed: 04 April 2023

The project took an eco-feminist understanding of climate, energy and equality issues as interlinked, going beyond binary gender norms in relation to energy use to critically explore alternative narratives of sustainable everyday life.

The project employed an intergrated ethnographic and norm-critical design approach to explore power structures embedded in present relations between practices, products and environment. Co-operative housing societies are explored as potential contexts for challenging energy-related structures, practices and everyday decision-making within and between households.

In addition to in-depths empirical studies, design prototypes were used to both visualize current norms and to imagine, materialize and suggest artefacts and new narratives that could encourage more sustainable practices.

The projects benefited from a reference group with private and civil society actors, providing an opportunity to integrate project outcomes in practice.