Collaboration for Profitability and Environmental Benefits in Farm-based Biogas Production

Last changed: 07 May 2021
A tractor in front of a biogas silo. Photo.

The project investigated the Swedish farmers' collaboration in farm-based biogas production and studied the effects of various forms of collaboration for the entrepreneur's profitability, production, environmental benefits, and learning and rural development.

The project was conducted in two phases. The first phase consisted of a survey of all farm-based biogas plants in Sweden. This mapping provided a basis for the second phase, which consisted of an in-depth analysis through case studies of various collaboration constellations.



Project leader

Richard Ferguson, Researcher, Department of Economics, SLU, +4618671731
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Cecilia Sundberg, Researcher, Department of Energy and Technology, SLU, +4618671811
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Pernilla Tidåker, Researcher, Department of Energy and Technology, SLU +4618671869
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Cecilia Waldenström, Senior Lecturer, Department of Urban and Rural Development, SLU

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External funding

The Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research

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