About our data hosting mission

Last changed: 07 April 2022
The logotypes of SLU and SwaM. Illustration.

We are national data hosts for data collected from national and regional fresh water monitoring, as well as from recipient monitoring. Our mission is from the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

Our mission to store data from water chemical and biological monitoring in lakes and water courses, as well as to ensure the quality and accessibility of the data. In our mission it is also included to caclulate indicies, the transport of various substances in our water courses, as well as to estimate riverine inputs of substances to the Swedish sea areas.

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SWAM) finances the national aquatic monitoring in Sweden, and is the owner of the national data collected. According to the conditions set by SEPA and SWAM for the data hosts, all data may be used freely according to CC0. However, we appreciate if you cite us when data collected from us are used.