Recipient monitoring

Last changed: 09 December 2022

The Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment at SLU is mandated by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management to be Data host for data collected within recipient monitoring programmes (i.e. monitoring programmes managed by private companies, municipal waste water treatment plants, etc.). Our mission is to assure the data quality, to store it, and to make it available for use.

The data have been reported by various actors, with the aim to describe the impact on the waters exposed to human impact of different kinds. Responsibility for the investigations lies with the operator of the investigations, and is governed by the legal standards on self-monitoring of environmentally hazardous activities.

Regular performers in the recipient monitoring are private companies and municipalities. These are commonly in the form of Water Management Associations or Water Associations and thus called for coordinated recipient monitoring (SRK). In these cases, the Associations sponsor the survey and therefore are the owners of the data.

Data supply is optional. The data supplied to us, and which are available for download, may be used freely if source is indicated.

The Data host leaves no guarantee that data is accurate or complete. Nor can we guarantee that the data available on this website accurately reflects the data supplied from the data provider, depending on eg. unit conversion and the number of significant figures.

Data delivered to us are supposed to be quality assured. However, the data host performs a plausibility control of data, and any errors are corrected in consultation with data provider. Though, the data provider is responsible for the data quality.

Another important part of the work to ensure data quality is that the data is used. If incorrect or excessive data is detected, we are grateful if you let us know this. We will then contact the data provider for an investigation and possible correction.

Anyone who publishes recipient monitoring data taken from us or any other environmental monitoring Data hosts must be set, and who collected the data (the principal), and that in the framework of coordinated recipient monitoring. Who is the principal for the specific investigation is noted in the Download section.


The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has the main responsibility for national environmental monitoring in the country, whereas the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management are responsible for the monitoring of inland waters. More information about the national environmental monitoring is available on SEPA's website and about the freshwater monitoring on the website of SwAM.