Post graduate education at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

Last changed: 03 April 2024
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We educate doctoral student within the subject areas environmental science, environmental science (environmental chemistry), and ecology. Since 1997,more than 60 doctoral theses and ten licentiate theses have been published at the department. We also offer courses for doctoral students.

Are you interested in a becoming a PhD student at the department?

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Post-graduate studies at the department

The PhD students at the department participate in research project together with other PhD students, post-docs and researchers. Our students use field studies, experiments and data from environmental monitoring in their theses. Post graduate education is given within the subject areas environmental science, environmental science (environmental chemistry) and ecology.

The PhD program normally takes four years. A doctoral degree consists of both a dissertation and courses (at least 45 credits). The dissertation typically includes four scientific articles, of which at least one is published in a scientific journal.

The department organizes several courses, among others a course in multivariate statistics. SLU offers courses in e.g. scientific methods, philosophy of science, project management, communications and pedagogics.

Research schools

Research schools at SLU provide courses, seminars, workshops etc. The majority of them are transdisciplinary and thematically organized. Many of SLU's research schools cooperate with the industry or other organizations outside SLU.

The department is most active in the research schools Focus on soils and waters and Ecology - basics and applications, but there are several other research schools at SLU and in Sweden.



Martyn Futter
Director of post-graduate studies
Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment
Tel. +46-(0)18-67 31 20