Microbial Ecology

Last changed: 26 February 2024

At the Division of Microbial Ecology we study ecosystems and the cycling of carbon and other bioactive elements. Understanding the functional ecology and diversity of microorganisms aid efficient and sustainable management of ecosystems and natural resources.

At the Division of Microbial Ecology, we share a passion for understanding the diversity, metabolism, and ecology of microbial ecosystem engineers. The group use methods such as environmental genomics, biogeochemical assays for field studies and experiments to address an array of interlinked questions on functional ecology, diversity, and microbial evolution. Our focus is on aquatic ecosystems, but the research also covers bacteria, archaea, microeukaryotes, and viruses in a wide range of ecosystems.

Management and staff

Head of division: Stefan Bertilsson

Staff at the division of microbial ecology


We are involved in around 20 research projects. Examples of some of these projects:


Environmental monitoring and assessment

Our division shares the responsibility of a national environmental monitoring of waste water för seasonal influensa and the SARS-CoV2 virus.  We publish the results regularly at the "Swedish Covid-19 data portal/svenska Covid-19-dataportalen".