Greenhouse gas evasion from ephemeral streams: A missing link in the Swedish carbon balance (Bachelor/Master)

Last changed: 07 September 2023

This project will use a unique set of stream chemistry observations from ephemeral headwater streams to model their importance for the carbon balance of landscapes.

The evasion of CO2 from streams and lakes has been recognized as an important component in the carbon balance of landscapes. So far, however, it has not been able to define the role of temporary streams that only flow during periods of high flow such as during spring snowmelt or after intense rainfall.

A unique set of greenhouse gas measurements from such temporary streams has been collected at an SLU research forest. This project will evaluate those data to determine how much these temporary streams contribute to the loss of CO2 from the landscape. These losses are expected to be significant and of importance for future calculations about the Swedish carbon budget.


  • Main subject area: Environmental Science
  • Level and length: basic level (Bachelor, 15 hp / 10 weeks) or advanced level (Master, 30 hp / 20 weeks or 60 hp / 40 weeks)
  • Language: Swedish or English (for Master)