Agricultural ditches as important emission sources for greenhouse gases into the atmosphere (Master)

Last changed: 31 March 2023

This project aims to find out how large the contribution of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere is from agricultural ditches and how the emissions vary in time and space.

Agricultural ditches are identified as potentially large sources of emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. These emissions are currently not included in estimates of the total greenhouse gas contribution from the agricultural sector. Determining these emissions is therefore important for improving estimates of the agricultural landscape's total greenhouse gas balance.

The project is part of a larger research project (SAD-GAS, Sources and dynamics of greenhouse gases in agricultural streams) and where we work with a specific catchment outside Uppsala. Here, different types of measurements are made to determine the cycling and emission of various greenhouse gases from the ditch network into the atmosphere. The focus is both on understanding how much of different greenhouse gases are emitted, but also on how emissions vary over time and in the landscape. The fieldwork is done through a combination of manual measurements and with different types of sensors that generate high-frequency data.

We would like you to start the work in June 2023, but there is some flexibility.

The work must be written in English, but supervision can take place in Swedish or English.


  • Main subject area: Environmental science
  • Level and length: advanced level (Master, 30 hp/20 weeks or 60 hp/40 weeks)
  • Language: English