Evaluation of novel sampler for time-integrated nutrient concentrations in water (Bachelor/Master)

Last changed: 07 September 2022

You are going to test Time Integrating, Micro Flow, In situ Extraction (TIMFIE) sampler for the determination of nutrient concentrations in water.

The TIMFIE is a new, low-tech water sampler that has been successfully used so far for the determination of the pesticide concentrations. You will use a somewhat modified TIMFIE to sample water and thereafter determine concentrations of different nutrient forms (nitrate nitrogen (N), phosphate phosphor (P), total N and total P as well as suspended sediments (SS)).

The performance of the TIMFIE sampler will be evaluated both in laboratory and in field. Field sampling can be done in a wetland in Uppsala and within a collaboration project with the Helsingborg municipality. Thereby the results achieved after sampling with TIMFIE can be evaluated by comparison with corresponding data collected within monitoring programs, and even results from high-resolution sensors, if such exist.   


  • Main subject area: Environmental science
  • Level and length: basic level (Bachelor, 15 hp / 10 weeks) or advanced level (Master, 30 hp / 20 weeks)
  • Language: Swedish or English (for Master)