Education and internships

Last changed: 28 March 2023

Here we present the education we pursue at Linneaus´Hammarby: summer courses and internships.

Summar course

In the course Summer course in agricultural history (Sommarkurs i agrarhistoria, 10 credits) students are educatedin landscape and agricultural history. The course is aimed at anyone who is interested in older farming landscapes, and is particularly valuable for professionals in the field of cultural and nature conservation. The course contains several practical exercises with both older agricultural techniques as well as modern landscape care. Many of the practical elements are carried out at Linnaeus’ Hammarby. Harvesting grains with scythe and sickle, scythe mowing and sharpening, pollarding of trees and building roundpole fences, are some examples of practical exercises. The course is taught in Swedish.

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Two internships are offered at Linnaeus’ Hammarby summertime. The four weeks long internship is mainlymeant for students at SLU who want to learn more about managing older farming landscapes. The work include both older methods such as mowing with scythe and rake, manual management of the hop- and vegetable gardens, as well as handling modern tools such as motor-manual mowers and mobile electrical fencing.

Transporting wood for the fences on the iron horse. Photo.

Image above: Transportation of fence wood with the help of "Järnhästen" (the iron horse). Photo: Kristofer de Korostenski.


During the year a number of event days are hosted at Linnaeus’ Hammarby. The Division of Agrarian History is co-organiser responsible for historical field walks and guided tours of the vegetable- and hop gardens, as well as participation in mowing and grain harvesting.

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