Episode 12 - Conservation and tourism

Last changed: 10 June 2020
Sunset in South Africa with the text Episode 12 Conservation and tourism.

The passionate conservation practiotioners Phoebe Mottram and Lawrence Steyn work as field and trail guides in South Africa - get to know them in the latest episode of the podcast Wild Research Bites!

In this episode Olli and Emelie talk to two passionate conservation practitioners Phoebe Mottram and Lawrence Steyn about their work as field and trail guides in South Africa.

Phoebe and Lawrence tell us about their lives in the bush, and share some of their most exciting experiences from their work.

You can hear how Phoebe and Lawrence got into conservation in the first place, and how they ended up guiding tourists in some of the world's most beautiful places. They both share their experiences in conservation education and discuss with us their ideas about the importance of tourism in conservation.

Listen to the podcast: